Mensajero para la accion A messenger for action

This is a space where the message for action manifest itself to allow a consciousness switch... a change that begins in You and compromises you with the construccion of a different world. This is ALSO YOUR WORLD... MAKE IT DIFFERENT.

- Milestones to be found in the path
- Decision for a change; choosing a path of life.
- Life’s choice
- Associative Ethics
- Are you ready to be a human being?
- The gateway of awareness opening today
- The false options (2)
- The false options (1)
- Appearance
- Questions
- Illuminate
- The beginning
- The Ephemeral
- Certainty
- If you had three gifts, what would they be?
- Open your heart
- The service to others instead of the power over others
- Consciousness
- Creation
- Transformation
- My brothers
- 2014
- Looking at the past to see a different future.
- Practice what you preach...the values and its practices.
- The word is the sword
- The responsibility for the change is mine, is yours, is ours.
- I came to help to change the world.
- Projecting love makes us different.
- Transformations and transmutations..the world changes, you change... “We” instead of “I”.
- Signs
- Revelation
- Presentation of the grey man.
- The grey man
- Power and Change
- Liberation
- Word and message
- Kairos
- Only the light of your consciousness can bring light into the world.
- Make your heart beat with its own language...
- December 21, 2012, what has started:
- Transmutation and change.
- Synchronicity and Change
- The Waste of the market: you eat them, you drink them, you breath them.
- Similar
- The Sense and Direction of Change
- I believe in you and respect you (even with your faults)
- Man and woman: woman and man
- Illusion and Reality
- Change and Healing
- The Search
- Reflection on the mirror
- Structure and Change
- Be a Sovereign
- Reversion
- God and Devil are just your mirrors.
- Human nature and perfection.
- Sharing
- Crisis and Chaos
- An action let us understand more than a million words.
- About submission and dignity...
- Another god is dying… his dead is an irreversible process.
- Something drastic changed… a god has died!
- The world is not changing, you are.
- To change, we need to communicate different.
- It`s time for action and transformation.
- A personal transmutation moment.
- Reason beyond appearance
- We
- Love and associativity
- Help yourself with daily choices to change the world.
- An ecumenical way
- Messenger for action…
- Introduction

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Alejandro Jorge García

I am not good or bad
I am not white or black
I am not even I am
I AM what it IS
It IS what manifests of me


Alejandro Jorge García
Degree in Business Administration (U.B.A.)
Executive Director of Associative Integral Developments



Direction and management of projects and/or companies 
Direction of human groups (professionals and laymen, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary groups) 
Survey and diagnosis of organizations and businesses 
Development of strategic plans (public or private institutions) 
Design and coordination of projects 
Associative developments, creation of value and/or improvement of the value chain 
Design and implementation of systems relating to the management and administration of resources, particularly: 
Internal management and control models, costs, command boards, budgets, economic and financial planning, stocks, accounting, accounts payable, movement of funds.
Organizational reengineering:Cultural change processes relating to "Values" and "Business Social Accountability" 
Economic and/or financial reengineering


Work Experience

Different organizations (Business chambers / small and mid size companies / non-governmental organizations) (1995 to present)

Consultancy services in the management and evaluation of investment projects
Organizational reengineering/Business reengineering/Economic and financial reengineering
Integral planning
Management control and costs
Managerial development of "Values" for business management with social accountability

Some relevant experience in organizations as an advisor

Argentine Ministry of Economy
Preinvestment Unit of the Economic Political Secretariat
UNPRE Planning, Management and Control Coordinator (2007-2008)

FUNDES (2004-2005)
Top Consultant
Program "Development of Service Center for Middle and Small Size Companies"
Program "Strengthening Vendors in the Cement Industry" Olavarría
Program "Institutional Interbusiness Associativism"

Government in and for the City of Buenos Aires (2003-2004)
IDB Project Coordinator
Center Control and Management Model Development, Metropolitan Center Design

Sartor S.A. (2003)
Coordinator/ Trainer
Tourist Sector Project Puerto Madryn 
Fruits and Vegetables Sector Project , Northern Metropolitan Region (Buenos Aires)

Repsol YPF S.A. (1999-2000)
Sector: Mining / Oil / Gas
Project Leader
Argentina. Provinces of Santa Cruz and Chubut (Caleta Olivia and Comodoro Rivadavia) 
Direction, Design and Implementation of Strategies and Policies for the Hiring of Suppliers of Oil Services conducted by Local Small and Mid Size Companies.
Strengthening of the Value Chain made up of such Suppliers.
Regional Associative Projects
Supervision of Integral Training Projects
Reconversion of Local Companies undergoing Crisis

Ministry of Labor and Social Security / YPF S.A. (1997-1998)
Sector: Government/Mining/Oil/Gas 
External General Manager
Argentina, Province of Neuquén (Cutral Có and Plaza Huincul). 
National Ministry of Labor and Social Security (Support Program of Productive Reconversion)
Strengthening of Small and Mid Size Companies of Cutral Co and Plaza Huincul - Coordinator of the Commission of Production and Member of the Commercialization, Administration and Finance Commissions; Human Resources.


Work Experience in Companies as an Employee

Kenia Sharp S.A. (1993-1995)
Sector: Home appliances.
Manager of Finance and Administration Office - City of Buenos Aires (Plants in Tierra del Fuego, Chubut and Province of Bs. As.)
Organizational Reengineering, Definition, Development and Implementation of Integral Management and Control Systems, Administration and Finance Management, Integral refunding of commercial and bank liabilities (USD 60,000,000; 25 financial institutions with private agreements and Integral Business Plan)

SADE Div. Electromecánica S.A. (1988-1992) 
Sector: Metal mechanics
Argentina. Province of Buenos Aires (San Justo)  
Organizational Reengineering.
Implementation of Factory Resources Control and Planning System ERP type (MAPICS)
Definition and Implementation of Cost-per-work Systems.
Definition and implementation of Management Control Systems
Management of Administration Sectors

GRAFA S.A. (1980-1988)
Sector: Textile. 
Costs Chief and Project Leader.
Argentina. City of Buenos Aires (Plants in Tucumán, Santiago del Estero and La Rioja)
Administration and Finance, Supervision Management Control and Costs Sector,
Definition, Development, Implementation Coordination of the Costs Systems, Budgetary Control, Management Control, Command Board.
Development and Control of Outsourcing
Reorganization of Administrative Management (plants)
Organizational reengineering 
Refinerías de Maíz S.A (1979-1980). 
Sector: Food 
Jr. Analyst
Argentina, City of Buenos Aires (Plants in the provinces of Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Santa Fe) 
Invoicing Control and Inventories, Administration and Finance, Control of Commercial Documentation Issued.
Follow-up of Inventories
Support of the Sales and Collections Administration Management


Formal Education

04.1979 - 12.1995
Universidad de Buenos Aires (FCE-UBA), Argentina. Business Administration. 
Degree in Administration, Graduate, University level.
03.1973 - 12.1978
Esc. Superior de Comercio Carlos Pellegrini (UBA), Argentina. Bachiller [Secondary degree]. 
Bachiller [secondary studies oriented to commercial sciences].


Teaching Experience

Universidad de Buenos Aires – School of Economic Sciences
Course Dr. E. Temporetti (1990-1995)
Assistant - Microeconomics -Economy III 

Centro Argentino de Ingenieros (1989-1995)
Seminar: How to Identify and Control Costs (1989-1995)
Seminar: Evaluation of Investment and Business Profitability Projects (1995)

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