Mensajero para la accion A messenger for action

This is a space where the message for action manifest itself to allow a consciousness switch... a change that begins in You and compromises you with the construccion of a different world. This is ALSO YOUR WORLD... MAKE IT DIFFERENT.

- Milestones to be found in the path
- Decision for a change; choosing a path of life.
- Life’s choice
- Associative Ethics
- Are you ready to be a human being?
- The gateway of awareness opening today
- The false options (2)
- The false options (1)
- Appearance
- Questions
- Illuminate
- The beginning
- The Ephemeral
- Certainty
- If you had three gifts, what would they be?
- Open your heart
- The service to others instead of the power over others
- Consciousness
- Creation
- Transformation
- My brothers
- 2014
- Looking at the past to see a different future.
- Practice what you preach...the values and its practices.
- The word is the sword
- The responsibility for the change is mine, is yours, is ours.
- I came to help to change the world.
- Projecting love makes us different.
- Transformations and transmutations..the world changes, you change... “We” instead of “I”.
- Signs
- Revelation
- Presentation of the grey man.
- The grey man
- Power and Change
- Liberation
- Word and message
- Kairos
- Only the light of your consciousness can bring light into the world.
- Make your heart beat with its own language...
- December 21, 2012, what has started:
- Transmutation and change.
- Synchronicity and Change
- The Waste of the market: you eat them, you drink them, you breath them.
- Similar
- The Sense and Direction of Change
- I believe in you and respect you (even with your faults)
- Man and woman: woman and man
- Illusion and Reality
- Change and Healing
- The Search
- Reflection on the mirror
- Structure and Change
- Be a Sovereign
- Reversion
- God and Devil are just your mirrors.
- Human nature and perfection.
- Sharing
- Crisis and Chaos
- An action let us understand more than a million words.
- About submission and dignity...
- Another god is dying… his dead is an irreversible process.
- Something drastic changed… a god has died!
- The world is not changing, you are.
- To change, we need to communicate different.
- It`s time for action and transformation.
- A personal transmutation moment.
- Reason beyond appearance
- We
- Love and associativity
- Help yourself with daily choices to change the world.
- An ecumenical way
- Messenger for action…
- Introduction

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Alejandro Jorge García

December 21, 2012, what has started:

Posted on 24/08/2015

December 21, 2012, the following messages are spread:

1- My change begins today.
2- The change begins today: by turning the egoic self (I) into an associative and cooperative Us.
3- The change begins today, by turning a financial-materialistic-consumerist system into a cooperative, inclusive and equitable model. You, with your decisions and actions, can make this really happen.
4- The change begins today, by turning these national governments ruled by oligarchy supporting only corporations and political interests into an associative and participatory democracy. Furthermore, by demanding the government representatives to fulfill their popular representation instead of keeping the pursuit of just their corporate interests.
5- By replacing irrational extraction and contamination of natural resources for an harmonic and sustainable development of natural and renewable energies and products.
6- With an associative and democratic development of territorial resources in order to provide assignment of urban and rural land, and supportive housing programmes for the homeless population.
7- With the pursuit of global agreements for universal coverage of:
a-bioethics and worldwide prohibition of genetics manipulation in humans (not even in its embryonic stage).
b- worldwide legalisation of drugs to avoid the risk factor: premium prices which make this trade (associated with corruption, violence and unhealthy conditions), attractive to trafficking organizations and drug cartels.
c-global agreements on the financial area, to promote a productive reinvestment as a way of repayment of outstanding debts.
d-worldwide agreements which promote an equal global income's distribution in order to eradicate indigence and unhealthy condition, wherever that may be.

8-By replacing the concept of freedom associated with consumerism for freedom of conscience in all its expressions (while it's not against other people's rights).

9-With the replacement of the culture of the ephemeral for a culture of respect and transgenerational care.

10-With so many changes (small or big) as necessary … Changes that we will associatively agree upon.

11-The change begins today, by building a dignified society that enhances the dignity of its members as well, in order to live in a world of dignity and respect for the singularity that make each human being unique.
So be it.

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