Mensajero para la accion A messenger for action

This is a space where the message for action manifest itself to allow a consciousness switch... a change that begins in You and compromises you with the construccion of a different world. This is ALSO YOUR WORLD... MAKE IT DIFFERENT.

- Milestones to be found in the path
- Decision for a change; choosing a path of life.
- Life’s choice
- Associative Ethics
- Are you ready to be a human being?
- The gateway of awareness opening today
- The false options (2)
- The false options (1)
- Appearance
- Questions
- Illuminate
- The beginning
- The Ephemeral
- Certainty
- If you had three gifts, what would they be?
- Open your heart
- The service to others instead of the power over others
- Consciousness
- Creation
- Transformation
- My brothers
- 2014
- Looking at the past to see a different future.
- Practice what you preach...the values and its practices.
- The word is the sword
- The responsibility for the change is mine, is yours, is ours.
- I came to help to change the world.
- Projecting love makes us different.
- Transformations and transmutations..the world changes, you change... “We” instead of “I”.
- Signs
- Revelation
- Presentation of the grey man.
- The grey man
- Power and Change
- Liberation
- Word and message
- Kairos
- Only the light of your consciousness can bring light into the world.
- Make your heart beat with its own language...
- December 21, 2012, what has started:
- Transmutation and change.
- Synchronicity and Change
- The Waste of the market: you eat them, you drink them, you breath them.
- Similar
- The Sense and Direction of Change
- I believe in you and respect you (even with your faults)
- Man and woman: woman and man
- Illusion and Reality
- Change and Healing
- The Search
- Reflection on the mirror
- Structure and Change
- Be a Sovereign
- Reversion
- God and Devil are just your mirrors.
- Human nature and perfection.
- Sharing
- Crisis and Chaos
- An action let us understand more than a million words.
- About submission and dignity...
- Another god is dying… his dead is an irreversible process.
- Something drastic changed… a god has died!
- The world is not changing, you are.
- To change, we need to communicate different.
- It`s time for action and transformation.
- A personal transmutation moment.
- Reason beyond appearance
- We
- Love and associativity
- Help yourself with daily choices to change the world.
- An ecumenical way
- Messenger for action…
- Introduction

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Alejandro Jorge García


Posted on 10/08/2012

Humanity builds its history, from many years ago, around certain concepts. Those concepts express certain values, and a logic that fits an ideology.
And so, in some cultures we find dialogical pairs (concepts that would have no meaning without the opposite), for instance: “good and evil”, “yin and yang”, “give and receive”, “white and black”.
Each pair expresses, from itself, a different conception of “opposite”. That´s how “good” is “right” and should prevail above “evil” in the culture based in Jewish and Christianity. In traditional China, the opposite pair “yin and yang” are relative and complementary; and it´s the balance between them what matters, not the prevalence.
Among Hindu tradition, “giving and receiving” are part of the karma, and oversimplifying, what it´s given promotes what´s be received.
I see in this dialectical pairs a certain evolving wisdom, and, in this change process we are currently driving as humanity, I think it´s time to think about the ALL, about the “holos”. And if we get to understand each other within that all, perhaps it´s time to summarize and get through the dialectical thought to a new critical vision, that one where the base is about sharing.

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