Mensajero para la accion A messenger for action

This is a space where the message for action manifest itself to allow a consciousness switch... a change that begins in You and compromises you with the construccion of a different world. This is ALSO YOUR WORLD... MAKE IT DIFFERENT.

- Milestones to be found in the path
- Decision for a change; choosing a path of life.
- Life’s choice
- Associative Ethics
- Are you ready to be a human being?
- The gateway of awareness opening today
- The false options (2)
- The false options (1)
- Appearance
- Questions
- Illuminate
- The beginning
- The Ephemeral
- Certainty
- If you had three gifts, what would they be?
- Open your heart
- The service to others instead of the power over others
- Consciousness
- Creation
- Transformation
- My brothers
- 2014
- Looking at the past to see a different future.
- Practice what you preach...the values and its practices.
- The word is the sword
- The responsibility for the change is mine, is yours, is ours.
- I came to help to change the world.
- Projecting love makes us different.
- Transformations and transmutations..the world changes, you change... “We” instead of “I”.
- Signs
- Revelation
- Presentation of the grey man.
- The grey man
- Power and Change
- Liberation
- Word and message
- Kairos
- Only the light of your consciousness can bring light into the world.
- Make your heart beat with its own language...
- December 21, 2012, what has started:
- Transmutation and change.
- Synchronicity and Change
- The Waste of the market: you eat them, you drink them, you breath them.
- Similar
- The Sense and Direction of Change
- I believe in you and respect you (even with your faults)
- Man and woman: woman and man
- Illusion and Reality
- Change and Healing
- The Search
- Reflection on the mirror
- Structure and Change
- Be a Sovereign
- Reversion
- God and Devil are just your mirrors.
- Human nature and perfection.
- Sharing
- Crisis and Chaos
- An action let us understand more than a million words.
- About submission and dignity...
- Another god is dying… his dead is an irreversible process.
- Something drastic changed… a god has died!
- The world is not changing, you are.
- To change, we need to communicate different.
- It`s time for action and transformation.
- A personal transmutation moment.
- Reason beyond appearance
- We
- Love and associativity
- Help yourself with daily choices to change the world.
- An ecumenical way
- Messenger for action…
- Introduction

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Alejandro Jorge García

Human nature and perfection.

Posted on 10/08/2012

Perfection is an absolute concept, without entity, because we would consider, otherwise, imperfection as it´s antithesis.
Imperfection merges, for real, from human insatisfaction regarding its own limited existence.
That´s how the PERFECT BEING should be omnipresent, omniscient, and so one… however, this so called perfection has a little tramp within: It´s not human. Not only from the biological aspect, but from the symbolic, virtual and valuable where the human vision builds itself to incarnate after that executing the BIOLOGICAL BEING.
That´s how what human beings consider as good or evil, makes no sense in PERFECTION, because for that perfection there are no dialogical pairs outside, or relative pairs as good and evil, pretty and ugly, love and hate.
Perfection that holds everything, cancel everything. PERFECTION IS NOTHING.
Now that I’ve said this, I revalue the HUMAN IMPERFECTION, that makes us SOMETHING AND SOMEONE; and I propose as reflection to reconsider it as a necessary condition for existence as a DIFERENCIATION from NOTHING.
I also propose a reflection about the concrete possibility that, even with our imperfection, support each other in an associative way, developing values that let us understand the concrete experience of LIFE.
ALL human beings are finite (by means of our biology, at least), and nobody in this world might arrogate with any prerogative or special consideration above any human being.
Each one should understand that it´s here to learn something. No one is predestinated to teach others, just to share its experience with love and humility.
So be it.

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